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  • Would this management strategy work in your establishment? Why or why not?  Do you see this appropriate only for large companies, or on the contrary, better for small companies?   I’d love to see your thoughts, and any questions of use of the vocabulary!
  • Note, this is directly from the Harvard Business Review, so the vocabulary and spelling is American.  Can you tell which words I’m referring to?

Give Your Team the Freedom to Do the Work They Think Matters Most

Since at least the time of Frederick Taylor, the father of “scientific management,” control has been central to corporate organization: Control of costs, of prices, of investment and—not least—of people.

Control, even a perception of it, can be comforting. Moreover, it feels like what a manager should be doing: Setting targets, monitoring adherence to procedures, directing, shaping the future of the business. Control feels essential—especially if you are the boss.

Freedom for the people? Is it possible to let the employees think for themselves?